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DZ60 V2 Soldered Flex Cut PCB (Update:2022/1/3)
Support VIA Firmware (dz60_via.hex)
Resin 60% Case (Acceptable Quality Standards: Click)
Brass/ Aluminum/ PC Plate
Type-C interface
Comes with RGB Underglow, NOT Per-key RGB effects
Mustard ABS Doubleshot keycaps set (DP1772)
OSA Profile
211 keys
Only the Yellow and White cases are transparent which can make the RGB underglow go through the bottom of the case.


PCB x1
Plate x1
Stabs 60 set x1
Resin case x1
OSA Mustard keycaps set(DP1772) x1
Type-C USB(PJ0036) x1

Optional accessories

60% Mechanical Keyboard Carrying Case(PJ00232)
Handmade Custom Mechanical Keyboard USB-C Cable: Click

Case Foam: Click


Air force blue, Silver, Dark purple, Dark Gray, Pine green, Tiffany, Chocolate, E-Coating, Pink, E-white, Black, Dark green, Burgundy


Brass, Aluminum silver color, Polycarbonate, Carbon Fiber