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60 cN operating force
2.0 mm pre travel
4.0 mm total travel
PCB mount 5pin
MX stem

Regarding the gateron linears switches:

MX Black vs Gateron Black: The gateron black felt definitely smoother than the MX black. On the MX black I have on the tester you can feel the plastic friction which makes them not as smooth as we would like to. I have a worn out black (or vintage) that Azhdar gave me so I put on the switch tester to compare them side by side. I’d say they are quite equivalent. I’m not sure that I have try real vintage black so I can’t talk about it. I think if you lube the gateron it can indeed be really nice. I don’t have any lube on hand atm, it should arrive next week. I can’t tell you right now how it feels. In terms of strength the gateron felt lighter than the MX Black Azhdar gave me but compared to the stock MX Black it is hard to know.

As a conclusion to the linear gateron I’d say that I’m thinking of registering in the IC for 100 blacks. However no matter if it is MX or Gateron, I think they need some lube.


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