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As a parent of a beautiful dog, it is almost a natural instinct to capture and share the beauty and cuteness of my adorable dog. It is my joy to introduce you to Sophie, a White Swiss Shepherd. White Swiss Shepherds or also known as Berger Blanc Suisse, originated from Switzerland as it is written in their breed. They are known for their luxurious white coat, pointy ears, intelligence, and everlasting cuteness.
GMK SOPHIE will consist of 3 kits: Latin Basekit, Novelties, and Spacebar Kit. There are only 2 colors used for GMK SOPHIE and both are from GMK standard colors, GMK CP and GMK 3C. Novelties for GMK SOPHIE are represented through puppy paw, 3 variations of emoji-like Sophie’s face, ‘SOPHIE’ lettering, map and flag of Switzerland, and Matterhorn mountain. Enjoy the post and don’t forget to share your thoughts on GMK SOPHIE!
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