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Still in the phase of color sample confirmation (2022-04-08)
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GB Date: Jan 14th – Jan 31st, 2022
Colorways:- Laserwave- Nocturn- Blood King
Kolkrabba returns in three new colorways: Laserwave, a neon-pop infused riff on what the ocean’s reefs might look like under black-light; Nocturn, inspired by the depths where anglerfish dwell; and Blood King, a colorway Bruce and his many rows of teeth would surely call their own. All three are brought to life in gorgeous detail with illustrative cross-hatching that creates a perfect backdrop for your desk that feels truly a part of the ocean. It’s just up to you to decide which part of the ocean you want to call your own.


E-white, E-beige Black, Gray, Burgundy Red, Light Blue, Pine Green, Violet Purple, Carbon, Cobalt, Matcha